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Iris Gillon of Iris Gillon music'n Celebrations, IGMC, has a fabulous selection of top NYC Wedding Planners.

You can find detailed information on many New York Wedding Planners, including years of experience, samples of their work, packages and rates in a personal one on one consultation for your wedding coordination with Iris in her office in New York City.

Selecting the right NYC Wedding planner for you is a very important part of the success of your wedding. A good New York wedding planner can help you save time, money and tons of aggravation and stress.

A good Wedding Planner can save your family relationships and keep peace on the day of your wedding.

If you have questions about what else your Top New York City Wedding Planner can do for you, just give Iris Gillon a call and she will be happy to meet with you and explain everything in detail!

Iris Gillon is the top wedding planner in New York City.

Your New York Wedding planner can help you make your wedding as close to perfect as it can possibly be. A good New York Wedding planner can help you in selecting the best ceremony and reception sites for your budget as well as reliable service providers such as photographers, videographers and florists and more.... Your New York Wedding planner can save you hours of investigation and legwork.

Your New York Wedding planner can also save you stress by ensuring that what you are planning is correct and that the service providers you hire are reliable and professional. Most service providers recommended by your New York Wedding planner will go out of their way to do an excellent job for you so that the wedding consultant will continue to recommend their services.

Most frequently asked questions of wedding planners:

How many wedding have your New York wedding planner planned?
Can your New York wedding planner offer discounts from wedding resources?
What are the different packages your New York wedding planner offer you?
What is the payment policy of your New York wedding planner?
What is the cancellation policy of your New York wedding planner?

• Are there any special talents that your New York Wedding Planner brings to the table, like speech writing, original music writing, money saving tips or more?

• Are there other services not listed on website that your NYC Wedding Coordinator can provide for you?

• Exactly what will your wedding planning shopping and coordination schedule be? Does your planner have a chart for you to follow?

• Does your wedding planner have a way for you to plan the finances for your wedding, like wedding budgeting software and other financial management resources and tips?

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More tips on hiring a Wedding Consultant, call Iris for suggestions and advice!

Iris Gillon NYC's most popular Wedding Coordinator & Wedding Planner in New York

Iris Gillon is also a very busy Corporate Event Planner and producer!

“ How to select a wedding coordinator, bridal consultant, wedding planner, etc. These titles have come to be a catch all for anyone who works with a bride. DJ’s, Florists, Caterers, Reception Halls, wedding reception sites.

Who are the REAL wedding coordinators in New York and how does one go about finding one? Just call Iris Gillon and she will tell you!

A good wedding coordinator is a professional who has tons of experience at weddings and has learned from doing over and over and over again.
A good wedding planner makes an intimate connection with the couple and learns what their dreams are and figures out how to make them really happy on their special day!
A top wedding coordinator will offer wise vendor choices to the bride based on the needs, tastes and budget of both the bride, the groom and their families.

A good wedding planner will scrutinize contract offers and advise the bride and groom and help them make the best decisions possible for their benefit.

A good wedding coordinator will be in touch with the bride and the vendors throughout the planning process and then will be there to oversee the delivery and completion to satisfaction of all contracted services.

A top notch wedding planner will do whatever it takes to make sure the event runs perfectly, whether that means mopping a floor in a downpour or climbing under and over a deck to provide additional electrical service to a band whose equipment is blowing fuses during the reception or cleaning up a coffee spill, or fixing a bouquet or helping out in the kitchen.

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